Published Books

The below stories have been published as eBooks. Please click the link below the discriptions to be taken the eBook to read a percentage of it and purchase it.
These short stories are mostly fantasy/sci-fi and will be fun for the whole family to read.   Two books are full-length novels, and they are available in Print. The links are below the description for it also.

The Dead Can’t Rest 

In 2007, Mrs. Eloise Cunningham, fifteen year-old, Eric Ramsey’s best  friend and “Third Grandmother” as he called her, died of Leukemia. While  helping his mother and Mrs. Cunningham’s son, Evan, close the house,  Eric discovered Mrs. Cunningham was still there. No one could see her  but Eric and didn’t believe him when he told them she was there.

In 2008, due to other people reporting they’d seen her looking out the  window and also walking in the garden, the Whispering Pines Daily Times talked Evan into letting them partner with local businesses and anyone  who would spend Halloween Night, all night, in the house, would receive one thousand dollars. However, no one has ever spent the entire night.

Now, in 2012, Eric is a sophomore in college and he and four freshmen  decide to take the challenge.  Eric rushes up to the house to ask Mrs.  Cunningham what is going on, and discovers she is looking forward to the  night and is concerned Eric will spoil her fun.

Ms. Annabelle Florence is a medium, who has never seen a ghost before, but has talked the local TV Station, WPTV Channel 43, into letting her have a segment on the Ten o’clock News called Investigating the Paranormal with Ms. Annabelle Florence.

Join Eric and Ms. Florence as they find out why, The Dead Can’t Rest

This is a full-length novel
Kindle  or Print Edition  Smashwords-for all eReader Formats

Mirror Land Eight-year-old Tammie Younger has always wanted to have magical powers. Seeing a  commercial for a new TV show one Saturday morning, she makes a wish upon a star for the Blue Fairy to give her the power she so desires. Will she get her wish? Kindle Edition   Smashwords-for all eReader Formats

The Mysterious Bed Casey Stevenson’s lover, Chris Johnson, leaves him for another man after six years, claiming  he doesn’t “want a long-term relationship”.  The broken-hearted Casey  takes his 1994 Christmas vacation at Crystal City Ski Lodge and Resort  seated on a plateau on the side of Crystal Mountain over-looking Crystal  City, Colorado. After a skiing accident, Casey is placed in a bed in an old abandoned house about three miles from the lodge, and wakes up in the year 2101.
How did he get there?
How will he return to 1994? This is a full-length novel. Print or Kindle Edition   Smashwords-for all eReader Formats

My Death After  Scott Harper’s car breaks down, he has to walk the rest of the way  home. He’s surprised to discover who the wreath on his front door is for. Kindle Edition Smashwords-for all eReader Formats

Christmas in America Janice  Bridges was born in Rapid City, SD, but her parents moved to Jamaica  after wards. She has never seen the snow, or felt the cold. This  Christmas the family chooses to spend in Rapid City. Will she freeze to  death, or find warmth and romance from a friendly neighbor? Kindle Edition  Smashwords-for All eReader Formats

Night Shift Sandy  Miller is working the graveyard shift at a convenience store. He  doesn’t realize the reality of the term, “Graveyard” shift. Kindle Edition  Smashwords-for All eReader Formats

Out of This World

Blake and Holly go to Colorado for their senior trip and find something that takes them “Out of this World.”

Kindle Edition Smashwords-for All eReader Formats